MyNotifi® Fall Detection Device Launches National Partnership with Comfort Keepers®

San Angelo, Texas, MedHab LLC, a leader in wearable medical technologies including the innovative MyNotifi® senior alert and fall detection wearable, announced a partnership with Comfort Keepers®, introducing the MyNotifi® wearable to their entire network of caregivers

MyNotifi® is the only no monthly fee senior alert and fall detection system designed to notify family, friends & neighbors if a fall occurs. Worn as clip or wristband, MyNotifi® interfaces with a smartphone and can summon help or detect falls no matter where the wearer goes. The user sets up the network of care – and each person in the notify network simultaneously receives a notification in the event of a fall. And, for those without a smartphone, MyNotifi® is introducing an in-home HUB that can detect falls and send alerts from within the wearer’s home and surrounding property.

MyNotifi®’s fall detection devices will be offered to the entire franchisee network of non-medical homecare provider Comfort Keepers®. “This is a huge leap forward,” says Johnny Ross, CEO of MED HAB. “In-home care can’t be beat for safety. But what do you do when the caregiver isn’t there?” Ross asks. Now, Comfort Keepers’ care recipients will have a new safety net of care–even when no caregiver is at the residence. Comfort Keepers® caregivers travel to clients’ homes to provide care services and living assistance. Their work allows seniors to live as independently as possible. With MyNotifi® and Comfort Keepers® caregivers working together in your loved one’s home, you can rest assured knowing they are receiving the very best care.

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