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MedHab has developed a new, patented technology in the medical device field affording medical care prescribers (Orthopedic Surgeon and/or physical therapist) the ability to customize the rehabilitation protocol to meet each patient’s needs.


StepRite® Software

Improve rehab with measurable evidence, leading to better
and faster outcomes.

•  3D tracking
•  Pressure sensing
•  Real-time wireless communication
•  HIPAA secured user interface website
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Wearable insole device

StepRite® is a wearable device that has the capability to measure body weight, pressure, gait and flexibility of lower extremities using pressure sensing and accelerometer technology.

State-of-the-art microcontroller technology monitors and objectively quantifies motion and pressure

StepRite® can be used pre and post surgery and will provide accurate information pertaining to rehabilitation of lower extremities. The technology behind StepRite® creates a win-win-win for the patient, medical care prescriber and insurance company, including managed care organizations Medicare, Medicaid and workers compensation.

Why choose StepRite® Software?

“Simple, easy-to-use and affordable in-home rehabilitation technology”

• Real-time feedback
• In home use
• Better compliance

Surgeon/Physical Therapist:
• Customizable protocol
• Objective measurements
• Effective patient management

Insurance Company:
• Better & faster outcomes of recovery
• Cost savings

Affording medical care prescribers the ability to customize prehabilitation and rehabilitation protocols to meet each patient’s unique needs.

Update last Jun 2021

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