MyNotifi® Fall Detection Wearable Launches Senior Care Alliance

San Angelo, Texas, MedHab LLC, a leader in wearable medical technologies including the innovative MyNotifi® senior alert and fall detection wearable, announced the official launch of their national partnership with The Caregiver Resource Network.

MyNotifi® is the only no monthly fee senior alert and fall detection system designed to notify family, friends & neighbors if a fall occurs. Worn as clip or wristband, MyNotifi® interfaces with a smartphone and can summon help or detect falls no matter where the wearer goes. The user sets up the network of care – and each person in the notify network simultaneously receives a notification in the event of a fall. And, for those without a smartphone, MyNotifi® is introducing an in-home HUB that can detect falls and send alerts from within the wearer’s home and surrounding property.

The Caregiver Resource Network ( provides information, products and services for millions of family caregivers across America. “After researching the market for products that offer fall detection services, we believe that the MyNotifi® system gives the highest level of benefit for the most reasonable cost,” said the Executive Director of the Caregiver Resource Network. “Working with the MyNotifi® team has helped CRN deliver on its mission to bring high quality products to caregivers everywhere.”

MyNotifi® will be ramping up new collaborative and strategic partnerships throughout 2019. From homecare providers to aging service distributors to disease management organizations, we anticipate record numbers of seniors will now feel safe and connected with MyNotifi®.

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