Long Term Revenue Enhancement for Physical and Occupational Therapists using the latest technology in clinic or remotely.

Using MyNotifi technology affords the PT & OT the ability to earn valuable reimbursements from Medicare

MedHab, LLC has developed new, patented technologies in the remote wearable device field, affording medical care prescribers (Orthopedic Surgeons and/or Physical Therapists), patients, and seniors the ability to meet therapy, prevention and fall detection needs in the clinic or with complete remote access.

MyNotifi offers the ability for PT’s & OT’s to work with patients throughout the year in regard to long term goals relative strength and balance exercises to address falls and fall prevention. The technology features two exercise platforms to include the clinically proven OTAGO Exercise Program that mitigates falls by as much 35%. Using MyNotifi technology affords the PT & OT the ability to earn valuable reimbursements from Medicare. MyNotifi also links the patient to their family caregiver(s) in the event of a fall or other need or caregiver support.


Enhance Continuation of Care for Seniors through MyNotifi and OTAGO

  • The linking of PT to the patient via a provider/patient portal
  • The viewing of data/ PT coaching the patient in the outpatient clinic or in the patient’s home.            
  • The ability for the PT to progress from the OTAGO program by instructing the patient in additional exercises for flexibility, balance, and strength built into the MyNotify system.            
  • A way for therapists to provide remote encouragement for patients to help with compliance with the Otago program.


MyNotifi™ is a Bluetooth wearable device interacts with a patient’s smart phone via an app (iOS or android). All data is sent by wifi to a HIPAA controlled server for real time review by the provider. MyNotifi can be used both pre and post-operatively to meet rehabilitation needs. It is also designed with a fall detection algorithm.


OTAGO Training and CEU’s

  • The Otago program was created to be done at home on a one to one basis by a Physical Therapist
  • Modifications in delivery in the US include the following:            
    • Evaluation by a PT for determining patient’s exercise prescription.  Follow up by a PTA or other exercise professional with consultation by a PT for progression of program.            
    • Evaluation by a PT to determine the exercise prescription.  Then patient can participate in a group led by a trained exercise professional to help with follow through with PT consulting to progress program.
  • Otago Online Certification through Carolina Geriatric Education Center: https://www.med.unc.edu/aging/cgec/exercise-program/
  • Resources for providers and patients for the Otago Exercise program:  https://www.med.unc.edu/aging/cgec/exercise-program/patient-resources-1/

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