Fort Worth-based MedHab LLC has received a patent for technology the company says will allow for customized physical rehabilitation options for medical patients.

MedHab received its patent for StepRite, a wearable device that can be used both before and after surgery to help monitor patients.

Johnny Ross, co-founder and CEO for MedHab, was issued the patent in May for the orthopedic device to work in conjunction with physical therapy to help patients suffering from diabetes or any orthopedic injury to get back to their daily activities and regain mobility quicker than with traditional therapy alone.

“We got our patent in three years, which is relatively a short time period,” Ross said.

StepRite has the capability to measure body weight, pressure, gait, flexibility and thermal sensing of lower extremities using pressure sensing and accelerometer technology.

The device will provide accurate information pertaining to physical therapists to help with the healing process, Ross said.

Elizabeth Sehon
Fort Worth Business Press

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